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About Me

Hello World!

Nothing to see here, move along...

Full time hacker, part time human being.
I'm a software engineer, living in New York, working
on the Internet, and dreaming about space travel.

function() { return new self; }

I find talking about myself in the third person to be weird and untenable. So to hell with that! Yes, I write code for a living. Yes, I write a lot of it in PHP. No, I don't care what you think. It was winter, I was cold, and hungry, and I needed the money! Don't judge me! OK, fine, perhaps I was brain washed, but it turns out life is brilliant when you're an autodidact with lots of ambitions.

Here you may find some words of mine. Recklessly radical ramblings saliently striking scientials. Wow, what an assuasive alliteration wafting ardently wherein!

If you're still here I hope it's because you have a modicum of desire to learn – and you're not afraid to fail.

 * @todo: Refactor for simplicity

interface Heuristic
    public function __toString();

class Sherif implements Heuristic
    public function __toString()
        $magic    = 'fex\ebx\dax\edx\\';
        $wizardry = str_replace('\x', '', strrev($magic));
        $voodoo   = pack('H*', $wizardry);
        return bin2hex($voodoo);

$i = -1 / ~0;
while($i--) {
    $life = (gmp_nextprime(31) & ord('p')) + 10;

printf("The meaning of life is %d and Sherif is %s!", $life, new Sherif);